Not Too Young To Design

The Brand Story

Wealah International, founded in 2017 is a children’s clothing and lifestyle brand that provides quality, easily accessible, ready to wear contemporary-afrocentric, items that are indigenously inspired. We serve children with joyful experiences and memories through what they wear and how they play.

In 2018, the business started struggling with selling clothes made for children ages 8 – 12 years. The parents were ready to buy, but the children were unwilling to wear those clothes.

We knew we were doing something wrong. Was it the quality, no, was it the fabrics, no still. After much struggle, we found what it was, there was a mismatch between what the kids wanted and what we were creating. That’s when the light bulb went off, why couldn’t we engage the children in the process of designing their own clothes?

As we got on this journey, we found we had stumbled on a goldmine, these children are absolutely creative, they are not too young afterall, they can create things, style, fashion, and even contribute to the design of their lives. And this is how Not Too Young to Design model was born.

Engaging children in the process of creative design has led to a major breakthrough in our business, hence the need to create the NTY2D project

The outcome is, when we engage them in creative collaboration, it is easier to sell things or ideas to them and we can be confident that they will buy in.

The Not Too Young To Design Project

The Not Too Young To Design project is based on the philosophy that no child is too young for creative expression and to intelligently contribute to their life design.

It is positioned to support parents and other stakeholders in helping their children express their inner geniuses and creativity in different areas for usable and sustainable solutions.

The Not Too Young To Design (NTY2D) project aims at encouraging children to open up their young minds to trying different approaches to solving problems. It drives at demonstrating that they are not too young to creatively contribute and collaborate for the design of solutions in different aspects of life such as;

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Fashion & Creatives

The project will be executed using these three cardinal pillars:

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